How to get First Project From Freelancing Site?

If you have good experience in web development and you want to start freelancing. So first of all you have to create accounts on Elance, freelancer, oDesk and have been trying to bid on projects.

However you still didn’t get a reply from any projects. So how can you able to do it?

Make a proposal where you clarify why you should be picked even you are new
For example:
I have been in this field for 3 years and such employments are my every day hone. This is my first time on this site and henceforth you can see that I don’t have any evaluations/testimonials to demonstrate to you. I can guarantee you that in the event that you work with me once, you will dependably work with me for these sort of tasks.

Show him some relevant work
Never present any other work. The work should be relevant to the present project or task you are bidding on. If you do not want to do that then append a video of the working application.

Create a killer portfolio
Make an awesome portfolio of your work did in previously. In the event that you don’t have paid projects, then take a week or your very own greater amount time and make these awesome in-house. Attempt to distribute these works some place or even make a free project. Users or download number will be a decent reference.

Never try to get project with the lowest bid
Such clients will usually make you hate yourself and will attempt to manhandle you. If you want to bid with a good price, then either wait a bit for others to bid, then take the average bid price and propose only slightly smaller price.
You can letting him know that your normal price would be 40 dollars, however since you are another gentleman here, you are putting forth a half or some other large discount.

Bid on Small Projects
Attempt to seek out smaller-scale projects, tasks, particularly projects that require a higher-level of expertise. Choose projects that you have specific experience. Suppose you have experience in PHP then you have to bid only on those projects. These might be as small as a few hour or few day projects.